Sandeep Kumar Rednix Pharma honored for relief work during Patiala floods

News Patiala: Sandeep Kumar Rednix Pharma was honored with a certificate of appreciation for its relief work during the flood season in district Patiala. The company distributed animal medicines to the needy people in the wake of the natural calamity.

The District Administration, Patiala today honored various warriors and social service organizations, who extended their support to help the people during the flood, at Harpal Tiwana Academy, Patiala.


Punjab has been bearing the brunt of heavy rains, which have caused widespread damage to crops and livestock. In Patiala, many villages were affected by the floods, and Rednix Pharma stepped in to help the people in need.

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The company distributed animal medicines to the affected farmers, helping to prevent the spread of disease among their livestock. This was a vital service, as many farmers were struggling to cope with the aftermath of the floods.

The District Administration, Patiala, honored Rednix Pharma for its relief work. The company’s efforts were praised by officials, who said that they had made a significant contribution to the community.

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