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Punjab: Good news for residents of Punjab! The state government has announced the launch of a new initiative called “Bhagwant Mann Sarkar, Tuhade Dwar” which translates to “Bhagwant Mann Government, At Your Doorstep.” This initiative aims to provide convenient and hassle-free access to 43 government-to-citizen (G2C) services directly at people’s homes.

Doorstep Service Fees Rs.120 per Service

Sr.NoService NameFee
1Issuance of Income CertificateRs.75
2Inspection of Revenue RecordsRs.260 ( 40 for 1st year + 20 / YEAR)
3Copying ServiceRs.190 or Rs.350 ( Pay Extra Charges on Delivery)
4Non Encumbrance CertificateRs.260 ( 40 for 1st year + 20 / YEAR)
5Equity Entry of MortgageRs.1335
6Fard GenerationRs.20 + (20 PER PAGE+ 5 PER PAGE (PLRS FEES)
7Countersigning of DocumentsRs.365
8Indemnity BondRs.465
9Border Area CertificateRs.85
10Backward Area CertificateRs.85
11Demarcation of LandRs.365 + ( as per Land)
12Counter Signing of Documents of NRIRs.375
13Counter Signing of Police Clearance CertificateRs.375
14Kandi Area CertificateRs.85
15Issuance of Birth Certificate/NACRs.65+ ( 10 + 5 X number of year record search)
16Addition of Name in Birth CertificateRs.65+ (0 – within 1 year
10 – After year)
17Multiple Copies of the Death CertificateRs.65+ (10 Per Copy)
18Correction of Entry in Birth CertificateRs.135
19Death Certificate/NACRs.65+ ( 10 + 5 X number of year record search)
20Multiple Copies of Birth CertificateRs.65+ (10 Per Copy)
21Delayed Registration Birth CertificateRs.135
22Delayed Registration Death CertificateRs.135
23Correction of Entry in Death CertificateRs.135
24Caste certificate SCRs.65
25Caste certificate BCRs.65
26Caste certificate OBCRs.65
27General Caste CertificateRs.65
28Income and Asset Certificate(EWS)Rs.55
29Ashirwad (Shagun) SchemeRs.0
30Stipend to Children of BeneficiariesRs.10
31Registration of Construction WorkerRs.10+( Rs. 25 + 10 X No. of Months
(Eg for 1 year: 25 +10 X12 =145)
32Renewal of Registration of Construction workerRs.10 (10 X No. of Months)
33Residence CertificateRs.85
34Old age pension schemeRs.0
35Widow/destitute pension schemeRs.0
36Disabled person pension schemeRs.0
37Apply for Disability Certificate and UDID cardRs.0
38Dependent children pension schemeRs.0
39Registration of MarriageRs.1450 + (Stamp Papers)
40Renewal of Arms LicenseRs.1575 Per Weapon ( For Permissible Bore: 2500 Per Weapon
For Restricted Bore: 5000 per Weapon)
41Registration of MarriageRs.1450 + (Stamp Papers)
42Electricity Bill PaymentRs.10 to 20 (As per Bill)
43Rural Area CertificateRs.140

How to avail of Doorstep Delivery:

  • Call the dedicated helpline: 1076
  • Schedule an appointment: Choose a date and time that suits your convenience.
  • Get informed: Receive an SMS with the list of required documents and fees.
  • Welcome the service provider: A designated government official will visit your home to collect documents and complete the requested service.

Benefits of Doorstep Delivery:

  • Convenience: No need to stand in long queues or visit government offices.
  • Time-saving: Get services completed without taking time off work or other commitments.
  • Accessibility: Especially beneficial for senior citizens, differently-abled individuals, and residents of remote areas.
  • Transparency: Reduced risk of corruption and delays.

The Punjab government’s Doorstep Delivery initiative is a significant step towards providing efficient and citizen-centric governance. This initiative is expected to improve accessibility, transparency, and overall satisfaction with government services in the state.


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