Urfi Javed Taken Into Police Custody in Mumbai, But Was It A Prank?

News Patiala:

A video of Urfi Javed, who is known for her bold fashion choices, being taken into police custody has gone viral on social media. However, many netizens believe that the video is fake.

The video shows Urfi being asked by a woman police officer to accompany her to the police station. When Urfi asks why, the officer replies, “Who roams around wearing such short clothes?” Urfi can then be seen arguing with the police officers before she is taken away in a vehicle.

Some netizens have pointed out that the police officers in the video are not wearing uniforms, and that the whole thing looks staged. Others have suggested that the video could be a publicity stunt by Urfi herself.

Urfi has been trolled and targeted over her bold fashion choices in the past. She has often spoken out against the moral policing that women face in India.

Is the Video Real or Fake?

The authenticity of the video is yet to be confirmed by the police or by Urfi herself. However, the fact that many netizens believe it to be fake suggests that it is important to be critical of the information that we see on social media.

It is also important to note that even if the video is real, it does not necessarily mean that Urfi was arrested for her clothing. It is possible that she was brought to the police station for other reasons.

Social Media Reacts

Social media users have been divided over the video, with some expressing support for Urfi and others criticizing her.

“Urfi is a strong and independent woman,” one user wrote. “She should not be targeted for her clothing choices.”

“I don’t agree with Urfi’s clothing choices,” another user wrote. “But I also don’t think she should be arrested for it.”

The video has also sparked a debate about moral policing in India. Some users have argued that it is wrong to target women for their clothing choices, while others have defended the police’s actions.

Ultimately, it is up to each individual to decide what they believe about the video and the situation surrounding it.

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