Spurious Milk Products Sold in Punjab, Government Sounds Alert

 The Punjab government has sounded alert following reports of spurious milk products being sold in the market. A recent investigation by The shopkeepers in different districts were willing to supply large quantities of paneer and khoya within a few hours, suggesting that these products may be adulterated.

Sources within the Health Department confirmed that dairy products are being smuggled into Punjab from other states, and that many small and prominent sweet shops have no other option than to buy these products due to the huge demand. Synthetic paneer and khoya are available at half price, making them attractive to traders.

Health Minister Dr Balbir Singh admitted that he has specific information about spurious milk products being sold in the state. He said that he has directed four departments to confiscate and take strict action against erring traders.

In recent months, the police and the Health Department have busted a few rackets wherein paneer was prepared by mixing refined oil, detergent, urea and treated with acid. Even officials of the Health Department are under lens for allegedly accepting bribe to let such material sell at shops.

Around 15 per cent food, sweets and bakery samples taken in the past three months have failed the quality test.

The Punjab government is taking steps to address the issue of spurious milk products, but it is important for consumers to be aware of the risks and take precautions. When buying milk products, it is important to choose reputable brands and retailers. It is also important to check the expiry date and the ingredients list carefully.

Here are some tips for consumers to avoid buying spurious milk products:

  • Buy milk products from reputable brands and retailers.
  • Check the expiry date and the ingredients list carefully.
  • Avoid buying milk products that are sold at a suspiciously low price.
  • If you have any doubts about the quality of a milk product, do not buy it.

If you suspect that you have purchased spurious milk products, you can report it to the Food Safety Wing of the Food and Drug Administration.

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