Father Beaten Up in Front of Son in Mansa, Police File Case

Mansa:- A father was beaten up in front of his son in Mansa, Punjab, on Monday. The incident took place in broad daylight, in front of a school.


The father was going to drop his son off at school on a two-wheeler when he was attacked by a group of men. The men were armed with sticks, and they beat the father repeatedly.


The attack was caught on camera, and the video has been shared widely on social media. The video shows the father being beaten while his son watches in horror.


The police have filed a case against the accused under IPC 307 (attempt to murder). The accused are still at large.


The police believe that the attack was motivated by a personal dispute between the two parties. The father and the accused are said to be from rival gangs.


The incident has caused outrage in Mansa. People are demanding that the police take swift action against the accused. They are also calling for better security in the area.


The attack is a reminder of the dangers of gang violence in Punjab. It is also a reminder of the importance of safety for children. Parents should be vigilant when dropping their children off at school, and they should take steps to protect their children from harm.

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