LPG Cylinder: Big reduction in the price of LPG

LPG Cylinder: Big reduction in the price of LPG
 LPG Cylinder: Big reduction in the price of LPG

New Delhi: 01 July 2022
LPG Cylinder Price: The price of LPG cylinders has been reduced amid fixed prices of petrol and diesel. This time the price of the LPG cylinder has come down by Rs 198.

 This will help reduce the level of inflation. As per the prices released by Indian Oil on July 1, a 19 kg LPG Commercial Cylinder Price has become cheaper by Rs 198 in the national capital.

  • These are today’s new rates

In Delhi, a 19-kg commercial cylinder was available at Rs 2,219 till June 30, which has come down to Rs 2,021 from July 1.

The cylinder will now be available at Rs 2,140 as against Rs 2,322 in Kolkata. In Mumbai, the price has come down from Rs 2,171.50 to Rs 1,981, and in Chennai from Rs 2,373 to Rs 2,186.

Oil companies, but, did not provide any relief to domestic gas cylinders. In Delhi, a 14.2 kg gas cylinder is available at Rs 1,003.

  • The cylinder became cheaper by more than Rs 300

Earlier, on June 1, a commercial LPG cylinder became cheaper by Rs 135. Thus, the price of a cylinder has been reduced by more than Rs 300 in the last month.

In May, the price of a cylinder was Rs 2,354. The price of a domestic gas cylinder was last changed on May 19.

  • Subsidy of Rs. 200 per cylinder

To provide relief to the people from inflation, the government announced a subsidy of Rs 200 per cylinder under the Ujwala scheme.

This subsidy will be available only for up to 12 cylinders per annum. The government’s move has benefited more than 90 million consumers.

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