Punjab Health Department Issues Health Advisory to Prevent Water-borne and Vector-borne Diseases

In wake of the flood-like situation in various parts of Punjab, the state health department has issued a health advisory to prevent the spread of water-borne and vector-borne diseases.


News Patiala– July 11: The advisory, issued by Director Health and Family Welfare Dr Adarshpal Kaur, states that there is a high risk of the spread of these diseases due to the accumulation of water.

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The advisory urges people to follow the following precautions:

  • Only use safe drinking water. Boiled water is the most preferable.
  • Wash your hands frequently with soap.
  • Do not use food materials that have been soaked in flood water.
  • If you develop fever or diarrhea, seek medical attention at a government health facility.
  • If you notice a clustering of cases of infectious diseases in your area, inform the nearest health facility.
  • Wear rubber boots and full sleeves clothes to prevent bacterial skin infections.
  • Do not enter flood waters, as snake bites are also common during floods. If you must enter the water, wear suitable long boots.
  • In case of a snake bite, take the patient to the nearest health facility immediately.

The health department has also directed officials to spray larvicides to prevent the outbreak of vector-borne diseases.

The state health department is monitoring the situation closely and is working to ensure that the people of Punjab are safe and healthy.

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