Patiala police conducted a search operation today

 Auspicious house-to-house investigation

Patiala police conducted a search operation today

News Patiala: 9th August 2022

On Tuesday, 350 police personnel including two SPs, and eight DSPs, led by SSP Deepak Parik, conducted a search operation in the Badungar area of ​​the city.

During this search operation which lasted for about four hours, the area was completely sealed and house to house was searched. Meanwhile, an unnumbered auto, eight grams of drugs, and some other suspicious vehicles have been recovered.

The matter is being investigated by the police. It should be said that the police raided this area several times but without any major success.

 The convoy of police vehicles reached Badungar around 3 pm on Tuesday. The police teams stood their ground according to the instructions received earlier. Meanwhile, the police also set up roadblocks on the road leading to the area and searched every passing vehicle as well as searched the houses.

 Meanwhile, PCR vehicles with CCTV cameras were also deployed in the area as a precaution to prevent any kind of protest.

 Meanwhile, cars, almirahs, and kitchens were searched in the houses. Besides searching the vehicles parked inside and outside the houses, the documents of the vehicles were also checked and some suspicious vehicles were also seized.

SSP Deepak Parik said that a search operation was conducted in Badungar ILCO on the instructions of DGP Gaurav Yadav.

 The seizure is being investigated and the suspect has been taken into custody. Along with this, the suspects have also been interrogated.

The SSP said that the police in the city are prepared in view of August 15. Where the number of checkpoints has been increased in the city, there have been blockades at the entry points city.

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