Health tips: This information about drinking tea

Health tips: This information about drinking tea

News Patiala: 13th July 2022
                    Drinking tea has become the culture of our country. People like to drink tea on everything. Tea is not harmful to health, but if you boil it too much or drink too much of it, it can harm your health. Many people like to drink tea on an empty stomach, while some health-conscious people avoid drinking tea on an empty stomach because they know that it can cause gas problems.

Whenever you buy tea leaves, make sure that the quality of the tea leaves is good. Doing so will not only improve the taste but also the health benefits.

Sometimes you may be allergic to lactose in milk. In that case, have tea with as little milk as possible. If you want to do this, you can choose natural milk instead of packaged milk.

Tea on an empty stomach can be very harmful to your body. Drink tea only after you have eaten something in the morning. Drinking tea before going to bed at night is harmful.
If you want to avoid caffeine, you can drink basil tea. In fact, the caffeine in tea is acidic and works to impair our sleep.

Drinking 2 cups of tea daily is a lot. If you are in the habit of drinking 5 or more cups of tea a day, it is best to improve this habit immediately.

Bad breath is related to your digestive system. Those who have a strong digestive system do not have bad breath
Basil tea also helps in getting rid of serious diseases like cancer. Breast cancer is more common in most women.

Increases acidity – The biggest disadvantage of drinking tea on an empty stomach is that the problem of acidity increases after drinking tea. Drinking tea on an empty stomach in the morning causes acidity and affects the digestive juices in the body.

Digestive System Weakness – Drinking tea on an empty stomach daily weakens the digestive system. Although this sometimes does not do much harm, if you have been drinking tea on an empty stomach for a long time, it can be harmful to your health.

The stronger the tea, the more harmful it will be. Strong tea is high in caffeine, which can harm you on an empty stomach.

If you eat gram flour dumplings with tea, chickpea flour snacks, chila or any dish made of chickpeas then do not do so. In fact, consuming chickpeas with tea can be harmful to your health. You may be unaware that eating chickpeas with tea can cause some deficiencies in your body.

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