Punjabi University Adopts New Policy on Salary and Pension Disbursal

Patiala, Punjab: Punjabi University has adopted a new policy on the disbursal of salaries and pensions. The new policy is based on natural justice and aims to ensure better management of the university’s finances, while also taking into account the needs of pensioners.

Under the new policy, the university will disburse pensions in parts, giving priority to those with lower pensions and those who are aged above 75. The university will also disburse salaries to its serving employees in a similar manner.

The new policy has been met with mixed reactions from pensioners. Some pensioners have welcomed the move, saying that it will help them to manage their finances better. Others, however, have expressed concerns that the new policy will delay the disbursal of their pensions.

The university has assured pensioners that it will make all efforts to disburse pensions and salaries on time. However, the university has also urged pensioners to understand that it is facing financial constraints.

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