Patiala Police Trace Murder of Bank Manager in 48 Hours

Arrest 4 Including Victim’s Wife

Patiala, Punjab: The Patiala Police, led by Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Varun Sharma, has traced and arrested four accused in the murder case of bank manager Balbir Singh Chahal within 48 hours. The accused have been identified as Gurmej Singh Guri, Harpreet Kaur Chahal, Surjit Singh Sajjan Patadar, and Arashpreet Singh Saddipar Patadar.

The murder took place on October 19, 2023, when Chahal was out for a morning walk in Patiala’s Sant Nagar area. The accused overpowered Chahal and stabbed him to death.

The police immediately launched an investigation and arrested the first two accused, Gurmej Singh Guri and Harpreet Kaur Chahal, on October 20, 2023. Harpreet Kaur Chahal is the second wife of the deceased. The other two accused, Surjit Singh Sajjan Patadar and Arashpreet Singh Saddipar Patadar, were arrested on October 21, 2023.

During interrogation, the accused confessed to the crime. They said that they had planned the murder for a long time, as they were unhappy with Chahal’s behavior.

The police have recovered the murder weapon and the motorcycle used by the accused.

The SSP has said that the police are investigating the case from all angles and will take strict action against the accused.

Police have also arrested on 21.10.2023 today and the second wife of the deceased was also arrested in the conspiracy of this murder case, which was also divorced the first marriage of the first marriage of deceased Balbir Singh Chahal His first wife is living in Canada, including his 2 girls, and he was the second marriage in Date 19/10/2005 with Harpreet Kaur Chahal.

A boy and a daughter who is a boy of a boy and a daughter who has a daughter, Harpreet Kaur Chahal and the main accused Gartak Guri K Ghala, after the main reconciliation of the Chief Gurtey Guri. The Gurmej Singh himself was married to Gurtej Singh himself, which was also a boy who was killed by Gurthast Kaur Chahal, Harpreet Kaur Chahal, Harpreet Kaur Chahal Guunday Guri Ghag Singh alias with Awash, along with the declaration of the murder, the accused Gurteb Singh was known as a walk of Balbir Singh Chahal and the deceased with his guruous Balbir Singh Chahal was rakes to take a walk in the morning and was preparing for the murder and then Gurbir Singh, who was constrained at the law conspiracy under the conspiracy to be held at the Bhardenation of 19.10,2023 Murdered with. The police also have been able to investigate the police from the motorcycle and occasion used from the Dissonation. The police are investigating the police with every aspect of the case.

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