Patiala Jail Training School Girls Protest against Weight Lifting Rules

News Patiala:

In a shocking turn of events, the girls at the Jail Training School in Patiala have protested against the weightlifting rules that are the same as the boys. During a physical test for 1875 applicants who passed the fireman’s examination, the jail officials said that girls would have to bear the same burden as boys.

Punjab Jail Traning School Patiala

The girls, however, were not happy with this decision and sat on a Protest outside the Jail Training School. They argued that they should be given relief as compared to the boys regarding their ability to carry weight. They also said that there was no such rule mentioned in the advertisement given by the government.


The protest lasted for about three hours, after which the principal of the Jail training school gave an assurance that the matter would be looked into. The girls then lifted the Protest.


This incident has sparked a debate about the need to have gender-neutral norms in physical tests for job recruitment. Many people have argued that women should not be subjected to the same physical standards as men, as they have different physical capabilities.


The government has taken note of the protest and has promised to review the weightlifting rules for women. This is a welcome development, as it shows that the government is sensitive to the needs of women and is willing to make changes to ensure that they have equal opportunities.

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