Patiala: Garbage Heaps Pile Up in the City, Foul Smell Unbearable

Patiala, October 20: Heaps of garbage were seen lying strewn at Anardana Chowk, Arna Barna Chowk and Jorian Bhatian areas of the city on Wednesday and Thursday.

The residents complained that the garbage heaps are increasing in size and no arrangements for lifting the garbage has been made so far. The foul smell emanating from the unsegregated waste is unbearable.

They also complained that the corporation has been stressing on segregation of garbage waste at source, but residents of the city have failed to follow the instructions and continue to dump it as it is.

Municipal Corporation Commissioner Aaditya Uppal said that the corporation faced momentary hindrance in transportation of garbage from the city to the new dumping site, adjacent to the Chotti Nadi.

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