Patiala Dengue Outbreak: 461 Cases Reported, 783489 Houses Monitored

Patiala, October 16, 2023: A total of 461 cases of dengue have been reported in Patiala district so far this year, with 292 cases in urban areas and 169 cases in rural areas.

In response to the outbreak, the district health department has launched a massive campaign to destroy mosquito breeding grounds. As part of the campaign, teams led by Civil Surgeon Dr. Raminder Kaur have visited 35019 houses and places and checked standing water sources. Dengue larvae were found in 284 places, which were destroyed.

The district administration has also appealed to residents to take measures to prevent mosquito breeding in their homes and neighborhoods. Civil Surgeon Dr. Raminder Kaur has urged residents to empty all standing water containers, such as flower pots, coolers, and bird baths, on a regular basis. She has also advised residents to use mosquito nets and repellents to protect themselves from mosquito bites.

In addition to the preventive measures, the district health department is also providing free treatment to dengue patients in government hospitals.

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