Punjab government to take strict action against illegal travel agents

News Patiala:- The Punjab government is cracking down on illegal travel agents, organizations, and agencies operating in the state. The government has already collected information on 7,179 travel agents, agencies, and offices, and has checked 3,547 of them. Of those that have been checked, 271 have been found to be illegal and 25 have been fined.


The government is committed to solving the complaints of migrant Punjabis and other matters related to NRIs on a priority basis. SDMs posted in all districts have been ordered to complete the checking of travel agents, agencies, and offices by September 10. Institutions and agencies that are willing to work legally will be given an opportunity to fulfill the prescribed conditions.


The government is also working to create awareness about the dangers of illegal travel agents. A campaign will be launched to educate people about the risks of dealing with illegal agents and how to find legitimate ones.


The government’s crackdown on illegal travel agents is a welcome move. It is important to protect Punjabis from being scammed by unscrupulous agents. The government’s efforts will help to ensure that Punjabis can safely and legally travel abroad.

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