41 Migrants Die in Boat Capsize Off Italy

Italy:- A boat carrying migrants capsized off the coast of Italy on Thursday, killing 41 people, including three children. The survivors, who were rescued by the Italian coast guard, said the boat was carrying 45 people when it capsized. They said they were en route from Tunisia to Italy when the boat encountered rough seas and capsized.


The survivors said they were from a variety of countries, including Mali, Guinea, and Ivory Coast. They said they were hoping to reach Italy in search of a better life.


The boat capsize is the latest in a series of migrant tragedies in the Mediterranean Sea. In recent years, thousands of migrants have died trying to reach Europe by boat.


The Italian government has called for increased cooperation between European countries to address the migrant crisis. The government has also pledged to provide more support to the countries in Africa where many of the migrants come from.

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