Uttarakhand Implements Anand Marriage Act, Fulfils Sikhs’ Long-standing Demand

Uttarakhand:- The Uttarakhand government has fulfilled the long-standing demand of the Sikhs by implementing the Anand Marriage Act in the state. The act, which was passed in 1909, allows for the registration of Sikh marriages. It was amended in 2012, but many states have not yet implemented the amended act.


Chief Minister Pushkar Dhami said that the implementation of the Anand Marriage Act will facilitate the registration of Sikh marriages and protect the interests of Sikh women. He also said that the government has recognized the marriage performed in the presence of Sri Guru Granth Sahib.


The state government has prepared the rules for Uttarakhand after getting information about the rules of Delhi, Kerala, and Chandigarh. Uttarakhand is the tenth state in the country to implement the Anand Marriage Act.


The implementation of the Anand Marriage Act is a major step towards ensuring the rights of Sikh women. It will also make it easier for Sikh couples to register their marriages and avail of government benefits.

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