PRTC and Punbus Employees Go on 3-Day Strike in Punjab

News Punjab:- Employees of the Punjab Roadways Transport Corporation (PRTC) and Pepsu Road Transport Corporation (Punbus) have gone on a 3-day strike, starting from August 14. The strike has been called to demand regularisation of jobs, a hike in salaries, and better working conditions.


Around 2700 employees of the two corporations will be participating in the strike, which will affect the operations of around 2800 buses. The strike is likely to cause major inconvenience to commuters in Punjab, as it will disrupt bus services across the state.


The employees have also threatened to intensify the strike if their demands are not met. They have said that they will not return to work until the government agrees to their demands.


The strike has come at a time when the Punjab government is facing a financial crisis. It is unclear how the government will respond to the demands of the employees. However, the strike is likely to put a strain on the state’s finances.


Here are some of the key demands of the PRTC and Punbus employees:


Regularisation of jobs: The employees are demanding that the government regularise their jobs, which have been on contract for many years.

Hike in salaries: The employees are also demanding a hike in their salaries, which they say have not been increased in many years.

Better working conditions: The employees are also demanding better working conditions, such as a reduction in the number of hours they work and the provision of better safety equipment.

The strike is likely to have a significant impact on the people of Punjab. It is important that the government addresses the demands of the employees as soon as possible to avoid further disruption.

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