Offices of Two Travel Agents Sealed in Patiala

News Patiala– 17th July: The civil administration and district police in Patiala jointly sealed the offices of two travel agents on July 17, 2023. The surprise inspections were conducted to check documents. Ensure that the travel agents were operating legally.

The two travel agents whose offices were sealed are Lawbrella Consultancy and Titan Visa and Immigration Services. The team led by SDM Patiala Dr. Ismit Vijay Singh and S.P. City Sarfaraz Alam found that these two travel agents did not have the necessary documents to operate legally.

Under the Punjab Travel Professional Regulation, Act, 2014 and the Punjab Prevention of Human Trafficking Rules, 2013, travel agents in Patiala district are required to have a license to operate legally. This license is valid for five years.

The team also examined the records of the public who have applied to go abroad through these two travel agents. They found that many of these applications were incomplete or did not have the necessary documentation.

The district administration has warned that any travel agent found operating illegally will be penalized. They have also urged the public to be careful when choosing a travel agent and to make sure that the agent they choose is operating legally.

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