Policemen Killed in Himachal Pradesh Road Accident

Himachal Pradesh:- A team of Himachal Pradesh Police was killed in a road accident in Tisa, Chamba district on Friday. The Balero vehicle they were traveling in fell into a river after being hit by shooting stones from a hill.

The deceased policemen have been identified as Sub-Inspector Rakesh Gora, Head Constable Praveen Tandon, Constable Kamaljit, Constable Sachin, Constable Abhishek, Constable Lakshay Kumar, and driver Chandu Ram.

The injured policemen have been identified as Constable Sachin, Head Constable Rajendra Kumar, Constable Akshay Chaudhary, and Pankaj Kumar.

The accident took place at a dangerous point just before Tarwai Bridge in Tisa. The shooting stones hit the driver of the vehicle, causing him to lose control. The vehicle then fell 300 meters down into the river.

The CM of Himachal Pradesh, Sukhwinder Singh Sukhu, the Governor, and other ministers have expressed their grief over the accident. The bodies of the deceased policemen will be cremated in their native villages with state honors.


Here are some additional details about the accident:

  • The accident took place at around 9:30 AM on Friday.
  • The policemen were on their way to patrol the area when the accident happened.
  • The shooting stones came from a hill above the road.
  • The vehicle fell into the Ravi River.
  • The injured policemen were taken to the Chamba Medical College for treatment.
  • The bodies of the deceased policemen will be cremated in their native villages on Saturday.

The accident is a reminder of the dangers of driving in hilly terrain. It is important to be aware of the risks and to take precautions when driving in these areas. Always drive slowly and carefully, and be prepared for anything.

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