Jalandhar Roadways Buses Catch Fire

Jalandhar: August 4th, 2023:- Two roadways buses caught fire at the bus stand depot number-2 in Jalandhar on Friday. The fire is suspected to have been caused by a short circuit. No one was injured in the incident.

The fire started in one bus and quickly spread to the other bus. The fire brigade was called to the scene and brought the fire under control. However, the buses were completely destroyed.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation. However, it is suspected that a short circuit may have been the cause. The technical committee will investigate the matter further.

The buses were completely burnt to ashes. The seats, roofs, and engines were all destroyed. Only the body of the buses remained.

Thankfully, the buses were empty when the fire broke out. If there had been passengers on board, the fire could have been fatal.

The fire has caused a significant loss to the roadways department. The buses were worth several lakhs of rupees. The department will now have to arrange for new buses.

The fire is a reminder of the importance of fire safety. All buses should be regularly inspected for fire hazards. In addition, passengers should be aware of the fire safety procedures and know how to evacuate a bus in the event of a fire.

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