Indian-American woman trusted by FBI, appointed head of Salt Lake City FBI field office

News Patiala:- Indian American Shohini Sinha has been selected to serve as Special Agent in Charge of the FBI’s Salt Lake City Field Office. Prior to this, Shohini Sinha served as the Acting Special Assistant to the Director at the FBI Headquarters in Washington, DC. Shohini is known for his work on counter-terrorism investigations in the US.

Shohini Sinha has been appointed in view of her track record in counter-terrorism investigations and extensive experience in the agency. Shohini’s career since joining the FBI as a special agent in 2001 has been commendable, a press note issued Monday said. His journey began at the Milwaukee Field Office where he contributed significantly to counter-terrorism investigations. He also served on temporary assignments at the Guantanamo Bay Naval Base, the FBI Legal Attache’s Office in London, and the Baghdad Operations Center.

In 2009, due to Sinha’s outstanding performance, he was promoted to Supervisory Special Agent in Washington, DC. was transferred to the Anti-Terrorism Division in There, he moved to Washington, DC. Served as program manager for Canada-based precision investigations, fostering collaboration with Canadian Liaison Officers based in

In 2015, he was promoted to Field Supervisor in the Detroit Field Office and led the international terrorism investigation team. In the beginning of 2020, Shohini Sinha joined the cyber crime gang. She then joined the Portland Field Office in 2020 and was promoted to Assistant Special Agent in Charge of National Security Affairs before investigating criminal matters.

Also Mohini Sinha was selected to serve as Executive Special Assistant to the Director in 2021. He holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a master’s degree in mental health counseling from Purdue University in Indiana.

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