Tomato Prices Soar to Rs 120-140 per kg,

Housewives Turn to Other Options

News Patiala: 10th July 2023- Tomato, known as the king of vegetables, has seen a sharp increase in prices in the last one week. The price has increased from Rs 20-30 to Rs 120-140 per kg, making it out of reach for many people. This has forced housewives to turn to other options, while tomatoes have disappeared from salads.

The wholesale price of tomato is Rs 80-100 per kg. Experts say that the high prices are due to damage caused by heavy rains. The tomato crop has been damaged in many parts of the country, leading to a shortage of supply. This has pushed up the prices.

A housewife said that she is now using pickled mango instead of tomato in the vegetable. Hotel dhabas are also using this method. Not only tomatoes, but the prices of other vegetables are also increasing. Onions are now selling at Rs 30-35 per kg, while potatoes are selling at Rs 20-25 per kg.

Prices of vegetables

  • Desi tori: 40 to 50 rupees
  • Desi Kadu: 40 to 50 rupees
  • Okra: 40 to 50 rupees
  • Guar Beans: Rs.100
  • Arabic: 80
  • Onion: 30 to 35 rupees
  • Potatoes: 20 to 25

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