Punjab Police Provides Tireless Rescue Operations in Flood-Affected Areas

News Patiala: 10th July 2023- Punjab Police is tirelessly providing emergency aid and rescue operations to areas affected by water inundation caused by torrential rainfall. The police force has been working around the clock to evacuate stranded residents, provide food and water, and restore essential services.

Punjab Police -

In the past few days, Punjab has experienced some of the heaviest rainfall in recent history. The flooding has caused widespread damage, inundating homes, businesses, and roads. The Punjab Police has been working closely with the district administration and other agencies to respond to the crisis.

The police force has deployed hundreds of personnel to affected areas. They have been using boats, helicopters, and other resources to rescue people from flooded areas. They have also been providing food and water to those who have been displaced.

The Punjab Police has also been working to restore essential services. They have been clearing roads, repairing bridges, and providing electricity and water. They are working to ensure that the people of Punjab have the resources they need to recover from this disaster.

The Punjab Police is committed to protecting and serving the community, even in the face of challenging weather conditions. Their tireless efforts are helping to keep people safe and restore normalcy to affected areas.

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