Punjabi University Suspends Admissions for Distance Education Courses

Patiala, July 30, 2023: Punjabi University has suspended admissions for graduate and postgraduate courses in the Department of Open and Distance Learning for the academic year 2023-24. The suspension comes after the university failed to pay fees to the Distance Education Bureau of the University Grants Commission (UGC).

The head of the distance education department, Professor Satnam Singh Sandhu, and assistant clerk Sukhwinder Singh, have been suspended by the vice chancellor of the university. The suspension was reportedly due to non-payment of fees and non-approval of Distance Education and Appan system from UGC.

It is important to note that about 15,000 students are enrolled in various distance education courses offered by the university. The department had to pay the fee online to the Distance Education Bureau before March 31. However, Punjabi University failed to comply with the stipulated time limit. Consequently, the Bureau suspended the approval of Punjabi University to admit new students.

The suspension of admissions has left many students in a lurch. Some students have already taken admission in the university’s distance education courses, but they are now unsure about their future. Others are planning to take admission, but they are now hesitant to do so.

The suspension of admissions is a major setback for Punjabi University. The university is one of the leading universities in India, and its distance education program is very popular. The suspension of admissions will likely have a negative impact on the university’s reputation.

The university has not yet commented on the suspension of admissions. However, it is likely that the university will try to resolve the issue with the UGC as soon as possible.

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