PRTC Bus Stolen by Drug Addict in Patiala-Samana

News Patiala:- 30 A July- drug addict stole a PRTC bus in Patiala-Samana area and drove it 8 km away to the village of Daudra. He parked the bus near the village and slept in it for a long time. When villagers saw the bus parked, they called the police.

The accused, who has not been identified, says that he was drunk and did not realize what he was doing. He says that he was eating and drinking in the bus when he accidentally started the engine and drove away.

The bus driver, who has also not been identified, says that he has been parking the bus in the village of Talwandi Malik for the past 5 years without any problems. This is the first time that a bus has been stolen from this location.

The police are investigating the incident and are trying to track down the accused.

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