PTM will be held on September 3 in all government schools of Punjab

Instructions issued to District Education Officers

PTM will be held on September 3 in all government schools of Punjab

News Patiala: 30th August 2022

            It has been said by the education department to hold parent teachers’ meeting (PTM) in all government schools on September 3. Thus, the department has issued instructions to all district education officers. Instructions have been issued to schools to conduct PTM.

Only school staff will be present during this PTM in primary and upper primary schools. The PTM under the chairmanship of the school head with the support of the staff should be conducted in an effective manner. School students will reach school with their parents. On the day of PTM, the staff will talk to the parents about the student’s attendance, last month’s performance, health care, other facilities provided in the school, etc.

Before organizing PTM, schools have to organize various activities. These will include inviting parents of students, panchayat members, SMC members, local or village dignitaries, and other people for a meeting by the school. Hold meetings with all school head staff and may take over the duties of senior students if required.

Schools should encourage parents to PTM by making announcements from nearby temples and public places at their own level. There, the most number of posters, audio, and video messages can be shared for awareness through platforms like Facebook, Twitter, social media, etc., or WhatsApp group. Apart from this, the school should inform the students about the organization of PTM in the daily prayer meeting till September 3.

Conduct these activities in school on PTM day

Schools have to do various activities on PTM day. These will include welcoming parents. Various types of supplementary material provided in the school and library books should be exhibited. Games for parents, in which spoon race, lemon race, musical chair, balloon race can be conducted.

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