Noida Twin Towers History: From ground allotment to the blast


Noida Twin Towers History: From ground allotment to the blast

News Patiala: SuperTech Twin TWIN TWER APEX and CYAN will be demolished for the afternoon today. For the first time in the country, 40 40-storey building will be demolished. This skiscraper manufacture was made by maintaining all the rules. Let’s know the entire issue of being involved and in corruption.

Noida Twin Towers History: From ground allotment to the blast

In 2004, Noida Authority also allotted land for SuperTake Conferld Court. Its lease deed took place in March 2005. There was a piece of land near the land allotted in the plot number -4, it was overlaid to the measurement of the land.

The lease Dade took place on June 2006. After passing the map to the maps, both a plot was made. On this SuperTeck announced the initiative to start the Amrlyad Court Project.

According to the plan, the builder had planned to build 16 tower on 11 floors. According to the map, 40 storey twins are standing, he is shown Green Park. In 2008-09, the project was a certificate of completion from Noida Authority, but in February 2009, the UP government decided to increase the FAR for the new allottees.

Freeders were given freedom to make builders more flat after the increase in Far. Twice builders sent the building a planned plan to the buyers to increase the building to 40 store. After receiving a modified plan for the third time, the house broke down. It was asked to show the builder map on it. The builder did not give the builder despite the buyers as a map. Buyers demanded giving Noida Authority. On this, the authority said he would show map by asking the builder.

The buyer approached High Court

In 2012, when there is no answer, I arrived in the Baa Allahabad High Court. Police examined the courts by investigating the buyers. Authority sent notice to the builder but did not map the buyers.

As the case arrived in the court, the construction of the appx and the sience has increased. More than 13 floors in the Mahaswa a year and 32 floors were completed. In 2014, the High Court was shocked to the building ordered him to break down. After that, the construction of the tower stopped.

However, Suchateke appeared against the decision and the case arrived on the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court commanded Noida Twin towers in 2021, referring to the fact that the tower was drawn in a non-legal way.

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