Google has removed 13 dangerous apps from the Play Store

Delete them immediately from the phone

Google has removed 13 dangerous apps from the Play Store

News Patiala: Before listing the app on the Google Play Store, it has to go through several security processes, but despite this, sometimes dangerous apps get listed on the Google Play Store. Android users have to bear the loss. Once again a similar report has come out.

A McAfee security team has reported several dangerous apps on the Google Play Store. Regarding this, the team has claimed that it fills the user’s device with advertisements. One good thing is that these 13 dangerous apps have been removed from the Google Play Store.

 Most of these ban apps were phone cleaning apps. Once installed, these apps would send disturbing ads to the device and block the windows of other apps. Apart from this, it used to show many notifications as well. Sometimes they would create a shortcut and open the website.

Not only this, many apps used to change their names and icons automatically. This made it difficult to track and remove them from the device. However, Google has banned most of such apps, but many users may still have these apps on their phones.

Here is the complete list of dangerous apps

  • – Junk Cleaner
  • – Full Clean
  • – Quick Cleaner
  • – Keep Clean
  • – Super Clean
  • – Cool Clean
  • – Strong Clean
  • – Meteor Clean
  • – Power Doctor
  • – Fingertip Cleaner
  • – Windy Clean
  • – EasyCleaner
  • – Carpet Clean

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