Renowned Punjabi scholar of Pakistani Punjab Dr. Nabila Rehman

 Vice Chancellor of the University of Jhang

Congratulations from Punjabi Folk Heritage Academy Ludhiana

Renowned Punjabi scholar of  Pakistani Punjab Dr. Nabila Rehman

News Patiala 04 August 2022:

                 The Director of the Punjabi Department of Punjab University Lahore and eminent Punjabi poet and scholar Dr. Nabila Rehman has been assigned the responsibility of Vice Chancellor of the University of Jhang. This good news has been received by Dr. Jasbir Kaur Principal Gurmati College Patiala this morning. Dr. Jasbir Kaur has returned to Pakistan along with Dr. Surjit Kaur Sandhu this week after researching the Rababi tradition of Punjab. He is also a close research associate of Dr. Nabila Rahman.

Punjabi Lok Virasat Academy Chairman Prof. Gurbhajan Singh Gill, Guru Nanak Dev University Ex-Vice Chancellor Dr. SP Singh, World Punjabi Congress Indian President Dr. Deepak Manmohan Singh, Convener Sahajpreet Singh Mangat, Central Punjabi Writers’ Association President Darshan Buttar, and Punjabi Sahit Akademi executive member Sukhjit, Trailochan Lochi, and Punjabi poet Manjinder Dhanoa have also congratulated Dr. Nabila Rahman on this promotion.

Talking to Prof. Gurbhajan Singh Gill, Dr. Nabila Rehman thanked all the well-wishers and also asked for full cooperation so that the story of the great creators of this land can be taken forward by making joint efforts with reference to Punjabi literature.

Dr. Nabila Rehman is a native of Tobha Tek Singh (Lyallpur).

Dr. Nabila Rehman is currently the Director of the Institute of Punjabi and Culture at Punjab University, Lahore.

For the first time, a scholar of the Punjabi language has been selected for this high responsibility.

Dr. Nabila Rehman passed MA in Punjabi in 1990 and MA in Urdu in 1992.

In the year 2002, he received his Ph.D. from Punjab University, Lahore (Pakistan) on the subject of “Qadri Sufi Order”. So far, Punjab has the highest number of Ph.D. Dr. has been completed under the supervision of Nabila Rahman. Dr. Nabila has Diploma Pass skills in Hindi, Sindhi, and Persian as well. Dr. Nabila has special expertise in modern Punjabi literature, Sufism, Sufis and Qadri organs, the common culture of South Asia, sociological studies, women’s consciousness, encyclopedia, and dictionary studies also to literary translation and transliteration.

Prof. Nabila Rahman has so far written ten books for Punjabi readers. Out of which the issues of Sheikh Farid G.K., Pakistani Punjabi humorous poetry, Punjabi literary and critical vocabulary, Ramz Wajud Vanjhawan, Kalam Pir Fazal Gujarati, Gurmukhi/Shahmukhi, Hussan Jamal Ghazal, and three books under preparation Diwan e Imam Bakhsh, Kalam Meeran Bhik Chishti, Tahak e Farid Guru Granth Sahib Mein Se etc. are prominent. Eminent Punjabi writer Surgwasi Joginder Shamsher’s book “Punjab of 1919” by Dr. It was Nabila Rahman who transcribed it in Shahmukhi under the title “Lahu Lahu Punjab”. Gyan Singh Sandhu’s book Twenty Minutes Guide to Sikh Faith written in English has been done in Shahmukhi under the name of “Twenty Minutes Guide to Sikh Faith” in a very serious and beautiful manner.

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