Using the Facebook logo fine 50,000

Using the Facebook logo fine 50,000
 Using the Facebook logo fine 50,000

News Patiala 13th July 2022    

                    The Delhi High Court has imposed a fine of Rs 50,000 on Internet media company Meta for using its Facebook logo. The fine was imposed on the owner of a confectionery shop called Facebook.

The court, which owns a confectionery shop called Facebook, has barred the shop owner from using any misleading logos like the Facebook logo.

Justice Naveen Chawla, while hearing a petition filed by Meta, said that Facebook is a well-known trademark in the country. The misleading use of it by the defendant in an attempt to take advantage of it.

 But, the defendant changed the name of his shop from Facebook to Face Cake before the final order. The court has barred the defendant and his subsidiaries from using such logos.

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