Daler Mehndi: Daler Mehndi reached the High Court

Appeal against 2 years imprisonment…

Daler Mehndi: Daler Mehndi reached the High Court

News Patiala: 19th July 2022
                Daler Mehndi: Famous Punjabi singer Daler Mehndi has reached the Punjab and Haryana High Court. Daler has appealed against the two-year sentence in the pigeon racing case. Daler has requested the High Court to quash the sentence. 

At present Daler is in Patiala Central Jail. Where he is locked in the same barracks with former cricketer Congress leader Navjot Sidhu, who is serving a one-year sentence in the road rage case.

Daler Mehndi used to go abroad to do shows before. Meanwhile, it was alleged that 10 people along with his team were recruited and sent to America. In exchange for which Rs. In 2003, a pigeon smuggling case was registered against Daler’s brother Shamsher Singh. During the investigation, Daler Mehndi’s name also came up.

In this case, in 2018, the lower court of Patiala sentenced Daler Mehndi to 2 years in prison. Against this, Daler appealed to the Patiala Sessions Court. 5 days ago, the session court of Patiala upheld the lower court’s decision. After which Daler was arrested and sent to Patiala jail to serve the sentence.
Daler Mehndi is kept in Navjot Sidhu’s barrack in Patiala Jail. Where he has been assigned the work of a jail scribe. The jail staff will give them a daily register, which they will return. Like Sidhu, he will also work from inside the barracks.

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