Belpatra Health Benefits by Hatinder Kaushal

Belpatra removes many stomach problems from diabetes

Belpatra Health Benefits by Hatinder Kaushal

News Patiala:
Savan, the favorite month of Lord Shiva, is going on. Devotees of Lord Shiva worship him in different ways this month. They visit pagodas and Shiva temples and offer their favorite things so that God is pleased and bestows his blessings on them. One such favorite item of Lord Shiva is Bel Patra. It is said that the worship of Shiva is incomplete without Belpatra. Which is also mentioned in many scriptures. Its importance is mentioned in Shri Shiva Mahapurana.

Poison control is missing in Belpatra

According to legend, when Lord Shiva drank poison while churning the sea, his throat was burning. Beel leaves have anti-venom properties, so  Belpatra leaves are offered to Lord Shiva to reduce the effects of poison. It is believed that the tradition of offering  Belpatr
a leaves to Bholenath started then.

According to another legend, the three leaves of Belpatra are symbolic of the three eyes of Lord Shiva, that is, it is the form of Shiva, so Belpatra is considered very sacred.

In Savana, thousands of bel leaves are offered to the Lord in the cradle and then the next day they are immersed, but if it is dipped in this way and used as Prasad, it is beneficial in many ways. These leaves have many properties that keep the body healthy.

  • With this, not only does diabetes remain under control, but many problems related to the stomach also stay away.
  • It is also mentioned in Ayurveda about its properties that consumption of Belpatra is beneficial for health.
  • According to scientists, belpatra contains pentanes and marmelosin, which keep the sugar level normal.
  • Belpatra also removes the smell of sweat.
  • By drinking belpatra juice, one gets relief from many diseases related to the stomach.
  • Bael leaves contain potassium, iron, and magnesium. Which are necessary for the smooth functioning of many functions of our body.
  • Belpatra and its fruit are both cooling to the body.

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