Punjabi University: Students protest on Punjabi issue

 Patiala News: At Punjab University, three student organizations Punjab Radical Students Union, the Students Federation of India, and the All India Students Federation jointly staged a protest on the issue of Chandigarh against the Central Government’s bullying of Punjab. 

 PRSU SFI President Rashpinder Jimmy To Rajwinder Singh and AISF Pitpaul said that the Union government was constantly robbing Punjab of its rights, first GST, then BSF. By expanding the scope of BSF to about one-third of Punjab. 

The handing over of Punjab to the BJP, the expulsion of Punjab from the Bhakra Beas Management Board, and now the disbandment of Punjab Civil Services from Chandigarh and enforcing the laws of the Center proves that the Union Government is violating the Constitution Is doing.

 He said that Chandigarh was created after the demolition of 50 villages in Punjab. The leaders demanded that Chandigarh should be handed over to Punjab immediately and the right to river waters including BBMB should be given to Punjab. The decision to widen the scope should be withdrawn

Punjabi University:  Students protest on Punjabi issue
Punjabi University:  Students protest on Punjabi issue 

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