Chief Minister Channi makes important decision regarding Hindu deras

Chief Minister Channi makes an important decision regarding Hindu deras

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Patiala News Today 7th January 2022 Punjab Chief Minister Charanjit Singh Channi has said that the Punjab government will recognize the decision of its successor by the mahants of Hindu religious deras and the sadhu community. The Chief Minister Channi was here today at Harpal Tiwana Auditorium on the initiative of Mahant Sri Atma Ram to attend the Virat Sant Samelan organized by Sarva Sampraday Sadhu Mandal Patiala and Bhekh Khat Darshan Sadhu Samaj Mahamandal Punjab. The Chief Minister was accompanied by Punjab Local Bodies Minister Mr. Brahm Mahindra.

On this occasion, the Chief Minister. Mr. Charanjit Singh Channi while acknowledging all the demands made by the Sadhu Samaj said that the decision of the saints and the Sadhu Samaj regarding the selection of their successor is the practice of the Sants and the decision would be taken by the Sants only and the government would not interfere in it. He said that orders would be issued for the immediate rest of such mutations across Punjab and Sant Samaj would do whatever it wanted.

The Chief Minister said that if the saints would ascend to heaven by bequeathing their Gaddi to any of their disciples then the government would recognize him but if not then the government would recognize the decision taken by Bhekh Bhagwan.

The Chief Minister Charanjit Singh Channi also offered to give cabinet rank in the government to Mahant Atma Ram representing the Sadhu Samaj in order to solve the problems of the Sadhu Samaj at the government level. The Chief Minister requested the Sant Samaj to set foot in his house at Morinda, which was accepted by the Sant Samaj.

Meanwhile, the Cabinet Minister Mr. Brahm Mahindra said that due to the concern of Mahant Atma Ram, the Punjab Government had asked the Chief Minister to address the problems of Dera Sants and Sadhu Samaj. Committed under the leadership of Charanjit Singh Channi. He said that he has been in the government since 1980 but the working environment which has been created in the last 3 months and the new form of government which he has seen this time has never been created before.

Mahant Shri Atma Ram called on the Chief Minister. Welcoming Charanjit Singh Channi, he lauded the simplicity and devotion of the Chief Minister. Swami Har Chetna Nand Haridwar and Mahant Bikramjit Singh raised the issue of Hindu Deras with the Chief Minister and said that the appointment of Gaddi Chela by Sant Bhekh Bhagwan after the mahants and Guru of the deras was approved by the government and its transfer was done by Tehsildar and S. D.M. The level should be immediate. On this occasion, the Chief Minister. Charanjit Singh Channi and Sri Braham Mahindra were honored.

Swami Virat Chetna Nand Haridwar, Mahant Kamal Das, Mahant Damodar Das, Mahant Vansi Puri Pehwa, Swami Paramhans Kurukshetra, Mahant Parmanand Jandiala Guru, Mahant Divyaambar Muni Amritsar, Mahant Harihar Das Chaurawale. Taran Prasad Pahewa, Mahant Sarupanand Bathinda, Mahant Shantanand Biroke Mansa, Kamal Das, Mahant Ramesh Muni Talwandi Sabo, Mahant Amrit Muni Mansa, Naresh Pathak, Ratanjit Singh, Mahant Bachan Das, Mahant Sachidanand Gurma, MLA Hardial Singh Kamboj, Harpreet Chimav Chairman Mahant Harwinder Singh Khanora, Youth Leader Mohit Mohindra, Chairman Improvement Trust Sant Banga, PRTC Chairman Satwinder Singh Chedia, Vice Chairman Ramgarhia Welfare Board Jagjit Singh Sagu, Divisional Commissioner Chandra Gaind, SSP Dr. Sandeep Garg, Additional Deputy Commissioner (Urban Development) Gautam Jain along with Nirmal Panth, Panchayati Akhara, Pehwa of Udasin Samparda, Haridwar and a large number of more than a dozen Akharas from Kurukshetra, Sadhu Mahatma and representatives of various social organizations were also present.

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