Dengue Fever Symptoms Causes and Treatments Have a Healthy Day

Dengue Fever Dengue fever is an infection that occurs after the bite of an infected mosquito. Dengue fever occurs substantially in tropical regions worldwide. Symptoms are analogous to flu symptoms, and there’s no treatment. In max cases, people who have dengue fever make full reclamations.

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  •  What’s dengue fever?

 Dengue ( DEN-ghee) fever is an infection that occurs after the bite of an infected mosquito. Utmost cases in the United States do in people who have journeyed to areas where dengue is usual. Dengue fever occurs substantially in tropical regions worldwide, particularly in Southeast Asia, Africa, and equatorial areas of the Pacific Ocean, and North, Central, and South America. In recent times, it has happed in the United States and zone of Australia. Up to moiety of the world’s population may be at danger for constricting dengue affection.

  •  What’s dengue hemorrhagic fever? 

 Cases that have dengue hemorrhagic affection have the same symptoms as dengue fever. even so, when the fever goes down, the case can have more serious symptoms, including nonstop vomiting, severe abdominal pain, and difficulty breathing. Still, dengue hemorrhagic fever can affect nosebleeds, bleeding glues, and internal bleeding, If it isn’t acted. This is a serious condition that needs instant medical carefulness. 

  • What causes dengue fever? 

Dengue fever develops after a bite from a mosquito. The mosquito acquires the contagion by smelling someone who’s formerly infected and also transmits it to another person. Dengue affection doesn’t spread straight from person to person.

  • What are the symptoms of dengue affection? 

Dengue fever symptoms are analogous to flu symptoms and are 3-14 days after the mosquito bite. Dengue fever is generally diagnosed when a case has a high affection and two of the following symptoms Strong pain behind the eyes heavy-handed headache main, bone and joint pain. Rash Mild bleeding 

  • How is dengue fever diagnosed? 

To diagnose dengue fever, doctors use special blood experiments that identify dengue toxic antibodies in the blood. These antibodies only appear when your body is exposed to one of the four dengue contagions.

  •  How is dengue fever treated? 

There’s no treatment for dengue fever. However, he or she’ll recommend that you rest, take pain relievers similar to acetaminophen ( do not take aspirin), and drink a lot of fluids If your croaker thinks you have a mild case of dengue fever. However, similar to puking or strong pain in the tummy, you should seek medical care If you have more serious symptoms.

 Can dengue fever be averted? 

  • Still, avoid mosquito mouthfuls by doing the following, 
  • If you live in or trip to an area that has dengue fever. 
  • Use mosquito repellents that contain 20-30 DEET. 
  • Wear long apparel outside, especially at night when mosquitos are more likely to be active.
  • Remove standing water ( pails or barrels, raspberry cataracts, old tires that may hold rain water) and fill low spots where water can pool

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