AAP Rally in Maur Mandi Sparks Controversy: Schools Closed

Teachers Assigned Security Duties, Deputy Commissioner Seeks Explanation

Dc Office Bathinda Letter -

Maur Mandi, Punjab: In a development that has sparked controversy, six schools in Maur Mandi, Maur Kalan, and Maur Khurd were ordered to close on December 16th due to an upcoming Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) rally. The District Education Officers (DEOs) Elementary and Senior Secondary issued this order, sparking outrage and confusion.

The Deputy Commissioner (DC), Shaukat Ahmed Pare, has taken serious notice of this decision. He has pointed out that his office was not consulted before assigning teachers the duty of arranging accommodation for Chief Minister security personnel. The DC has issued a stern letter to both DEOs, questioning their authority to issue such orders without proper consultation and highlighting potential neglect of their duties. He has demanded a written explanation from both DEOs within two days.

District Education Office Bathinda -

Social Media Buzz and Government Concerns:

The DEOs’ letter quickly went viral on social media, raising concerns about the politicization of educational institutions and the improper burden placed on teachers. The government has taken notice of the negative publicity this incident has generated and is seeking immediate action to address the issue.

Possible Outcomes:

The DC’s prompt action and demand for explanation suggest that the orders issued by the DEOs may be reversed. The AAP rally may proceed as planned, but the issue of teacher involvement in political events and the authority of DEOs are likely to be debated further.

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