Increase in the price of electricity in Punjab

The new rates will be applicable from May 16

News Patiala: It has become expensive once again in Punjab. Up to 600 units people will not be affected by it. The cost of 600 units will be paid by the government. 4 to Rs 19 paise are current electricity rates.

  • 0 to 100 units increased by 70 paise
  • From 101 to 300 units, it became expensive by 80 paise


At present, 600 units of electricity are free in Punjab. The new rates will be effective from tomorrow.


increase in the price of electricity in punjab -

The Regulatory Commission of the Government of Punjab has increased the per unit rate of electricity. After the Lok Sabha by-elections in Jalandhar, the Punjab government has given a huge shock to the common people. The State Regulatory Electricity Commission of Punjab has increased the electricity tariff rates in Punjab for 2023-24.

In this regard, by issuing a notification, the commission has issued increased new rates.It may be mentioned that the government has waived electricity for every house up to 300 units for common consumers, due to which most of the people in Punjab are getting zero bills. No change was made in this decision. So consumers will continue to get this benefit.

According to the new rates on connections up to 2 KW, the rate for consumption of 0 to 100 units of electricity will be Rs 4.19. Whereas earlier it was Rs 3.49. This rate has been increased by 70 paise. Consumers will now have to pay 6.64 paise for power consumption from 101 to 300 units. Whereas earlier it was 5.84 paise. This rate has been increased by 80 paise per unit. Rates of more than 300 units have been increased by 45 paise. Earlier it was 7.30 paise.

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