Punjabi University Students and Faculty Demand Improved Safety Measures

Patiala, India: Students and faculty of Punjabi University organized a campaign against violence on campus on November 2, 2023. The campaign, led by the Punjabi University Student Association, called for improved safety measures and swift action against the perpetrators of recent violent incidents.

The campaign garnered support from 1971 students, who called for the formation of an investigation committee to identify the offenders involved in the recent acts of violence and to propose measures to enhance safety on campus.

The students and faculty also submitted a petition to the Vice Chancellor with a significant number of signatures. The petition outlined the following demands:

  • Establishment of an investigation committee to probe the recent incident of violence and to identify the individuals involved in it.
  • Recognition and identification of individuals involved in the recent incident of violence.
  • Implementation of improved healthcare services to offer timely medical care to the ailing students.

The need for an investigation committee came after Prof Sujit Singh was assaulted on the university campus after the death of a student.

The students and faculty have urged the university administration to take immediate steps to address their concerns and to ensure a safe and secure environment for all members of the university community.

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