Patiala DC Prohibits Stubble Burning, Firecrackers Amidst Diwali

Patiala, November 8: In a bid to curb the menace of stubble burning and mitigate the risk of fire during the upcoming Diwali festivities, Patiala Deputy Commissioner Sakshi Sawhney has invoked the powers under Section 144 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973, to prohibit stubble burning in various locations across the district.

The directive, effective until December 6, specifically restricts stubble burning in the designated areas of Kamaspur, Kakrala, Dodra, Suniar Heri, Sutran, Jaikhar, Akalgarh, Reeth Kheri, Panjola, Kallarmajri, Chappar, Batli, Kulburchan, Munchhiwala, Duladhi, and Mirzapur.

To prevent stubble piles from accumulating and potentially catching fire, the district administration is actively promoting the bundling of crop residues. These bundles are being collected and stored in designated locations to encourage controlled disposal of stubble rather than resorting to burning.

In addition to stubble burning restrictions, the order also prohibits the lighting of firecrackers within 200 metres of stubble dump sites. This measure aims to safeguard against the potential for fire hazards as Diwali celebrations are expected to involve widespread use of fireworks.

The district administration’s proactive approach to addressing stubble burning and fire safety during Diwali is commendable. These measures demonstrate their commitment to environmental protection and public safety. The bundling of stubble and the ban on firecrackers near stubble dump sites are expected to significantly reduce the risk of fire hazards and contribute to a cleaner and safer environment during this festive season.

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