Punjab Governance Reforms Minister Embarks on Study Tour to Hyderabad

Punjab Governance Reforms and Grievances Minister Aman Arora embarked on a study tour to Hyderabad in Telangana, to delve into the state’s pioneering practices in the realm of IT, innovations, and technology-enabled policing. This visit aligns with the mandate bestowed upon him by Chief Minister S. Bhagwant Singh Mann to enhance service delivery and leverage technology to improve governance across the state.

Aman Arora was accompanied by Principal Secretary Governance Reforms Mr Tejveer Singh and a delegation of senior officials from the Punjab Government.

Key Takeaways from the Study Tour

  • MeeSeva: The delegation commenced their exploration at the Citizen Service Delivery Centres, ‘MeeSeva,’ to gain insights into Telangana’s efficient service delivery mechanisms. They meticulously examined the state’s IT initiatives, encompassing emerging technologies, data Centre operations, and the implementation of AI/ML/Blockchain, Big Data, and their practical applications.
  • Skill Development: Additionally, they delved into the strategies employed by the Telangana government to foster skill development within the state and assessed the policies and infrastructure established to nurture startups.
  • Technology-Enabled Policing: To further augment their understanding of technology’s role in governance, Aman Arora and his team visited the Command and Control Centre, where they witnessed firsthand how Hyderabad Police harnesses technology to maintain law and order while streamlining citizens’ lives.
  • IT Investments: In a bid to attract IT investments to Punjab, the Governance Reforms Minister engaged in fruitful discussions with prominent IT companies including Tech Mahindra, Green Gold Animations etc., extending an invitation to them to establish their presence in the state. He reaffirmed the Punjab government’s unwavering commitment to providing a supportive ecosystem that fosters the growth and success of IT businesses.
  • Recommendations for Punjab: The delegation concluded their visit today and is poised to present a comprehensive report to Chief Minister Bhagwant Singh Mann, outlining recommendations for the advancement of IT, innovations, and technology-driven governance in the Punjab state.


The study tour to Hyderabad has provided Punjab with valuable insights into the state’s pioneering practices in IT, innovations, and technology-enabled policing. The delegation’s recommendations will be instrumental in shaping the future of governance in Punjab, with a focus on enhancing service delivery, fostering skill development, and attracting IT investments.


The Punjab Government delegation visited Hyderabad comprised Senior Manager of Governance Reforms Mr. Manuj Syal, General Manager Mr. Vinesh Gautam, General Manager Charanjit Singh, Joint Director of Industries Mr. Deepinder Dhillon, Director STPI Mohali Mr. Ajay Shrivastva.

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