PEPSU Road Transport Corporation Adds Two New AC Buses to Fleet

Patiala, India – Two new AC buses have been added to the fleet of PEPSU Road Transport Corporation (PRTC), aimed at facilitating affordable and comfortable travel for people commuting to Chandigarh and Abohar. PRTC Chairman Ranjodh Singh Hadana welcomed the addition of the new buses to the PRTC fleet.

PRTC Tackles Fuel Syphoning and Fare Dodging

Addressing the media, Hadana highlighted the recent measures taken to curb the problem of fuel syphoning and fare dodging. In the past few days, 16 drivers were caught syphoning fuel, amounting to approximately 500 liters, valued at Rs 42,409. Additionally, 40 conductors were nabbed for fare evasion, resulting in the recovery of Rs 3,964.

Hadana further stated that 524 passengers were caught enjoying free rides, leading to the collection of a total penalty of Rs 1,21,565. These measures demonstrate PRTC’s commitment to ensuring the efficient and honest operation of its services.

Crackdown on Unauthorized Buses

In an effort to curb illegal activities, PRTC has taken stringent actions against unauthorized buses. Hadana announced the seizure of around 21 unauthorized buses, emphasizing the corporation’s commitment to maintaining a safe and regulated transportation network.

PRTC Committed to Public Service

PRTC remains committed to providing affordable and comfortable travel to the people of Punjab. The addition of the new AC buses and the crackdown on illegal activities are part of the corporation’s ongoing efforts to improve its services and ensure the safety of its passengers.

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