Deputy Commissioner Visits Paddy Straw-Fired Boilers in Badanpur

Patiala, November 10, 2023: Deputy Commissioner Sakshi Sawhney today visited the paddy straw-fired boilers in Badanpur village, near Samana-Cheka Road. She said that the paddy straw biomass pellets used in the boilers will not only provide a solution to the problem of paddy straw but will also reduce the cost of the boilers.

This initiative was undertaken today by SPS Eco Friendly Fuels, a company that produces biomass pellets from paddy straw, in collaboration with Goel Bricks Traders in Badanpur village.

The DC said that under the directives of the state government, 20% of biomass pellets made from paddy straw and coal are mandatory to be used in boilers within the boundaries of straw collection in the wheat crop season. She spoke about the success of these pellets, as they have been tested in boilers with paddy straw and the quality of the ash produced is also good.

The DC mentioned that the cost of these pellets is significantly lower, as they cost Rs 9 as opposed to Rs 15 for coal. She added that this makes them an environmentally friendly and cost-effective option.

She emphasised that these pellets are beneficial for the environment as they contribute to solving the management of paddy straw problem. She urged all the owners of the boiler plants to visit the Badanpur model plant to assess the feasibility of using these pellets in their boilers.

Benefits of Paddy Straw Biomass Pellets

Paddy straw biomass pellets offer a number of benefits, including:

  • They are a renewable and sustainable fuel source.
  • They are environmentally friendly, as they reduce greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution.
  • They are cost-effective, as they are less expensive than coal.
  • They help to solve the problem of paddy straw management.


The use of paddy straw biomass pellets in boilers is a promising initiative that can help to reduce air pollution, save energy, and create jobs. The Deputy Commissioner’s visit to the Badanpur model plant is a welcome development, and it is hoped that more boiler plant owners will adopt the use of these pellets in the future.

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