Punjabi University Research Sheds Light on Neglected Aarti Texts

News Patiala:

Punjabi University researchers have compiled a collection of 58 neglected Punjabi Aarti texts, shedding light on a diverse and understudied form of religious poetry. The research, led by Rajan under the supervision of Buta Singh Brar, also includes an analysis of 11 universally accepted Aartis.

Aarti is a popular form of poetry in Indian folk life, but it has often been overlooked by scholars. Brar argues that Aarti is a traditional form of Punjabi poetry of religious nature, and that its development has been a journey from ritual to poetry.

The collected texts include one Aarti of Jagrata, 29 Aartis of Sanjhi Mai, four Aartis of the Ravidasiya community, 23 “Aartis” of the Nihang Singh community, and one “Aarta” of the Udasi community. This diversity of texts reflects the rich and variegated tradition of Aarti poetry in Punjab.

Brar’s research is a significant contribution to the study of Punjabi literature and culture. It provides a valuable resource for scholars and practitioners alike, and it helps to raise awareness of this important form of religious poetry.

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