Patiala Road Contractor Violates Status Quo Order, Faces Police Action

Patiala, October 10: The Patiala district administration has lodged an FIR against a contractor who started reconstruction of a road in Nabha despite a status quo order by the Deputy Commissioner (DC).

The residents of Nabha had complained to the DC that the Municipal Council had started the process of dismantling and road-laying work on Cinema Road, which was in good condition. They said the work was not only unnecessary and amounted to utter waste of public funds, but it would also lead to an increase in road levels, resulting in the inflow of rainwater into their houses.

Based on the residents’ complaint, the DC had ordered status quo on the project until further orders. However, in violation of the DC’s orders, the contractor started the civil work at the site on Monday.

The DC has said that she has sent the SDM to the site to check and report the matter to her. She has also said that the administration has initiated police action against the contractor and is taking action against all those involved.

This incident highlights the importance of following status quo orders issued by competent authorities. Status quo orders are typically issued to prevent any changes to the existing situation until a matter is resolved. Violating status quo orders can lead to serious consequences, including legal action.

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