Registry Clerk Caught Red-Handed Taking Bribe in Jalandhar

News Patiala: 28th July – The Punjab Vigilance Bureau has arrested a registry clerk in Jalandhar for demanding a bribe of Rs 10,000 in exchange for producing an income certificate. The clerk, Prashant Joshi, was caught red-handed taking the bribe from a complainant.

The complainant, Pradeep Singh Happy, had approached the Vigilance Bureau after Joshi refused to produce his income certificate without a bribe. The Vigilance Bureau then laid a trap and caught Joshi taking the bribe.

Joshi has been booked under the Prevention of Corruption Act and is currently in police custody. The Vigilance Bureau is investigating whether Joshi has taken bribes from other people in the past.

This case is a reminder that corruption is a serious problem in India. The Vigilance Bureau is committed to fighting corruption and bringing corrupt officials to justice.

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