Google’s new Android feature will now bring clear sound to the phone

Google's new Android  feature will now bring clear sound to the phone

News Patiala:  Often the voice is not clear while talking on the mobile. Keeping this in mind, the feature of WiFi calling was introduced. But this feature is also useless when you are not on a Wi-Fi network. But now Google is going to solve this problem soon. The company is working on a feature that will clear the voice while talking on the phone.

Google brings many new features to its Android every time. The company has been working on Android 13, the next version of Android for a long time. According to media reports, Google may introduce a new feature called Clear Calling in Android 13. After the launch of this feature, users will be able to talk on the phone anywhere and with anyone in a clear voice.

This feature will reduce any background noise during calling. Due to which users will hear the voice coming more and during calling.

Where to find this feature

Some pictures have also been shared during the testing in the media reports. In these, it is seen that this feature can be found in the phone’s Settings and on Sound & Vibration.

Will not work in Wi-Fi calling

In the photo released in the report, some points are also seen written below this feature. It is written in these points that this feature can work on most mobile networks but this feature will not work during Wi-Fi calling. Apart from this it is also written here that the content of your call will not be sent to Google. Now how effective this feature will be, it will be known only after its launch.

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