Cyrus Mistry married the daughter of this famous lawyer

Former Tata Group Chairman Cyrus Mistry died in a road accident on Sunday. The accident took place at Palghar near Palghar on the Ahmedabad-Mumbai highway. Near Casa, 54-year-old Mistry’s Mercedes car collided with a divider, killing Cyrus Mistry.

Cyrus Mistry married the daughter of this famous lawyer

News Patiala: September 4, 2022 – Former Tata Group Chairman Cyrus Mistry died in a road accident on Sunday. The accident took place at Palghar near Palghar on the Ahmedabad-Mumbai highway. 54-year-old Mistry’s Mercedes crashed into a divider near Casa, after which the Mercedes’ airbags also deployed, killing two people, including Cyrus Mistry. There were four people in total in the car. Let us tell you that Cyrus Mistry was the sixth chairman of the Tata Group.

The woman was driving the car:

The police have released the details of the people killed in the accident. Meanwhile, the news is coming that a woman driving a Mercedes car was the victim of an accident. But, the police have not confirmed this. Jahangir Dinsha Pandole also lost his life along with Cyrus Mistry in the car. Along with this, Anaita Pandole (female) and Darius Pandole have been injured.

Cyrus Mason studied in London:

Cyrus Mistry was born on 4 July 1968 in Mumbai. He was the younger son of Pallonji Mistry, head of the Shapoorji Palanji Group. Cyrus did his early schooling at the Cathedral and John Conan School in Mumbai. After this, he moved to London to study civil engineering. He holds an engineering degree from Imperial College, London. After this, he pursued a Master’s degree in Management from the London School of Business.

Career started like this:

Cyrus Mistry joined the board of Shapoorji Palanji & Company as a director in 1991. After three years, he was made the managing director of the group. Under his leadership, Shapoorji Palanji’s construction business grew from $20 million to $1.5 billion. Apart from being a director in Tata Sons, Mistry has also been a director in Tata Alexey and Tata Power.

Cyrus was removed from office on October 24, 2016:

On 29 December 2012, Cyrus Mistry became the Chairman of the Tata Group. Yet, after 4 years on 24 October 2016, Tata Sons removed him from the post of chairman. After this, on 12 January 2017, N. Chandrasekaran was made the new chairman of Tata Sons. About the removal of Cyrus Mistry, Tata Sons had said that Mistry’s way of working was not compatible with Tata Sons’ way of working. This was the reason why the board members lost confidence in Mistry and he was removed from the post.

Cyrus Mistry was the sixth group chairman of the Tata Group

  • In December 2012, Ratan Tata retired as Chairman of Tata Sons. After that, Cyrus Mistry was made the Chairman of Tata Sons. Cyrus Mistry becomes the sixth chairman of the group in Tata’s more than 150-year history. He was also the youngest chairman of Tata Sons.
  • Cyrus Mistry and Ratan Tata not only have a business relationship but also a family relationship between two. Many people are also aware that there is a relationship between the Tata family and the Mistry family, but very few people know about this relationship.
  • First of all, let us tell you that Cyrus Mistry’s mother Pete Perrin Dabas is from Ireland. He was born in 1939 in Dublin, Ireland. Pallonji Mistry also became an Irish citizen by marrying Pete Perrin Dabas. They had two sons and two daughters.
  • Pallonji Shapoorji has two sons named Shapoor Mistry and Cyrus Mistry, while two daughters – Laila and Allu. Palanji’s daughter Allu was married to Noel Tata and thus the Tata and Mistry families became intertwined. Noel Tata is the half brother of Ratan Tata. That is, sister Allu’s husband Noel Tata became Cyrus Mistry’s brother-in-law in the relationship. And so Ratan Tata, Noel’s half-brother, also became like a brother-in-law. That is, Cyrus Mistry was like Ratan Tata’s brother-in-law in the relationship. If seen in one way, the relationship of both can be considered as that of a brother-in-law.

Married to the daughter of a famous lawyer:

Like his father, Cyrus Mason also held Irish citizenship. But, they got married in India. Those who knew Cyrus Mistry say that he was a person who liked simplicity. He lived with his father and elder brother in a luxurious house by the sea in the Malabar Hills area of ​​Mumbai. He was married to Rohika Chagla, daughter of Iqbal Chagla, one of the prominent lawyers of the country. He has two sons Feroze and Jahan Mistry.

Now in Cyrus Mistry’s family these people:

Cyrus Mistry’s father and businessman Plonji Mistry (93) passed away on June 28 this year. After the death of Cyrus and his father, his family now consists of mother Patsy Perrin Dubas, wife Rohika, sons Feroze and Jahanan, along with two sisters Laila Mistry and Alu Mistry.

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