AAP MLA Baljinder Kaur domestic violence

Baljit Kaur condemned strong words of the incident

AAP MLA Baljinder Kaur domestic violence

Bathinda-Aims Baljinder Kaur has been victims of domestic violence. Their husband Sukhraj Singh made violence with them. A video of this has also come up. This video is of July 10.

On social media on the Videos of MLA Baljinder Kaur on Talwandi Sabo, the video of Baljinder Kaur is being faster. According to media reports, the husband of MLA Baljinder Kaur is seeking her husband. However, this video is being said to this 2 months old.

According to information, Baljinder Kaur is having a dispute with her husband Sukhraj Singh Bal. In such a situation, it is being suggested that this incident has happened due to this dispute.

The video going viral on social media is said to be from two months ago. A house is visible in the video At the entrance of which there is a crowd of some people. Meanwhile, Sukhraj Singh Bal first came inside the house arguing and sat on a chair. Then Baljinder Kaur comes in and sees him saying something angrily.

Meanwhile, Sukhraj Singh gets up and slaps Baljinder. However, after this the people present there came to the rescue and separated the two. Let us tell that Baljinder Kaur, MLA from Talwandi Sabo of Bathinda, is one of the senior leaders of the state unit.

The minister had. Baljit Kaur has condemned strong words of the incident. He said that if I had this case, it was assured to take strict action. He said the man government should take action on the issue.  Baljinder Kaur has been MLA for the second time.

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