Inspection of judicial benches by Sessions Judge on in Lok Adalat Patiala

Inspection of judicial benches by Sessions Judge on in Lok Adalat Patiala

News Patiala 13th August 2022: 

                The National Lok Adalat in the Patiala district was inspected today. District and Sessions Judge Tarsem Mangala and Member Secretary of Punjab State Legal Services Authority Arun Gupta said that the role of National Lok Adalats is very important for quick settlement of rescindable court cases by mutual consent.

Both the judges emphasized that mutual brotherhood should be maintained in society. Matters eligible for resignation should be settled in the court before the court case is made. This saves both parties time and money. On the occasion of this National Lok Adalat, the judges reconciled the husband and wife who came to the Lok Adalat for divorce and settled the deserted house. In the same way, the cases of handover of children are also settled with the consent of both parties.

Sessions Judge Tarsem Mangala said that now there is a lot of enthusiasm among people towards Lok Adalats.

 For which court cases increased in 2 years due to the Covid-19 epidemic will be settled in the next 6 months. District Judge Mangala said that this time Deputy Commissioner Sakshi Sahni is SSP. Deepak Pareek was appointed as National Court bench in Revenue Courts, Women’s Cell cases, Municipal Corporation, etc. Through which a large number of cases have been settled today.

After inspecting the special camp court set up in the Central Jail of Patiala, he said that a special program of 03 weeks was drawn up for the settlement of the pending cases of the convicts lodged in the jails. Under which 1000 convicts have been released from the jails of Punjab. About 100 convicts have been released from Patiala Central Jail alone.

On this occasion, C.J.M. Amit Malhan and District Legal Services Authority Secretary-cum-CJM. Miss Sushma Devi along with other judicial officers were also present.

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